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When the kidneys are functioning properly, they will filter blood that’s sent back to your heart while also passing waste as urine, both of which are essential to a person’s overall health.

Among the most painful health conditions that can develop in the kidneys involve kidney stones. These hard deposits may develop in your kidneys for any number of reasons, after which you will likely need to visit the best urologist in Orange County to make sure that the stones are properly removed from your body.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are very hard deposits that are comprised of various salts and minerals that have accumulated within the kidneys. While these stones can occur for many reasons, the primary cause of kidney stones relates to the urine becoming concentrated, which allows the minerals to harden and stick together. Once one or more kidney stones have developed, passing them can prove to be very difficult and painful. In most cases, the damage should be minimal if you receive treatment quickly. The treatment that you receive from the best urologist in Orange County depends mainly on the size of the kidney stones.

It’s possible that drinking a substantial amount of water and taking certain medications may be all that you need to get rid of the stones. Once the kidney stones have been removed, your urologist may recommend that you take preventive measures to keep these stones from recurring in the future.


Possible Symptoms of Kidney Stones

You likely won’t experience any notable symptoms from the kidney stones until they have passed into your ureter. At this time, it’s possible that you will be affected by such symptoms as pain when urinating, nausea and possible vomiting, pain in your side and back, pain in the lower abdomen, a constant need to urinate, and a fever. The pain that you experience with a kidney stone can change as it moves throughout the urinary tract.

How Kidney Stones Are Caused

There is no single cause that’s known to bring about the development of kidney stones. However, there are some risk factors that will make you more likely to suffer from kidney stones, all of which can be discussed with the best urologist in Orange County. A family history of kidney stones means that you will be more likely to suffer from them in your lifetime. The presence of a digestive disease such as chronic diarrhea or an inflammatory bowel disease can increase this likelihood as well. Being obese and suffering from dehydration can also play a part in the development of kidney stones. Diets that are high in sugar, salt, and protein can increase the risk of certain kidney stone types.

Treatment Options Provided by the Best Urologist in Orange County

Drinking a large amount of water and taking pain relievers may be enough to get rid of smaller stones. For larger stones, sound waves could be used to break up the stones. If this option doesn’t work, some additional treatments include using a ureteroscope to remove the stones.