• Dr. Jaime Landman: UC Irvine Urology
  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
  • Pavilion III, Building 29, 101 The City Drive South
  • Orange, CA 92868
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Meet Dr. Landman

Dr. Landman specializes in treatment for kidney cancer.


Dr. Landman is the chair of the Department of Urology at UC Irvine. He possesses extensive clinical expertise in endoscopic and laparoscopic kidney surgery, and his research has provided patients with more precise treatment.

  • Dr. Landman is considered an international expert in the management of kidney cancer
  • He is a pioneer on the application of minimally invasive techniques for ablation of kidney cancer
  • He has helped to re-define the diagnosis of kidney cancer through the development of novel diagnostic biopsy techniques

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Medical Leader
Dr. Landman directs the course on management of small renal tumors at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association.
Elevated Expertise
Dr. Landman is respected as an international expert in the management of kidney cancer.
Latest Techniques
He is actively working on tumor markers for urologic cancers and the relationship between kidney cancer and surrounding tissues.
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